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Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Thursday, September 20, 2012 0

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Barack Obama's Country's Migrants Plan Shift Gets Combined Reactions

Sunday, June 17, 2012 0

Barack Obama’s country's immigrants shift to stop expulsion of youthful unlawful immigrants, under some conditions, has made some satisfied but many others somewhat irritated.

President Barack Obama has recently declared, to avoiding the expulsion of unlawful immigrants who joined the U.S as kids with immediate effect, a shift that has received varied responses around the nation. At the moment those who are outdated 16 - 30 and have resided in the U.S. for five years can request for job allowance.

In his statement, Barack obama said, "It is unnecessary to expel skilled adolescents who, for all means and requirements, are citizens of America." This statement is perceived as a significant governmental transfer in an election season, however as stated by Obama is "the exact thing to carry out".

While on the other hand, Mitt Romney, who is the presidential challenger of Obama, believes that this is the incorrect way to move towards the challenge. This shift is perceived to instantly affect nearly around 80 million youthful immigrants in the United States.

At this moment majority of unlawful immigrants who were scare of rapid expulsion will now be able to perform in the United States without being reluctant, on the condition they fulfill the required requirements.

At the same time as perceptibly the shift had the awe-inspiring assistance of all the young immigrants, there were many others who did not approve too. If truth to be told, throughout his conversation, President Barack Obama was disturbed by the journalist, who inquired him, why he preferred visitors over real citizens of America? Barack Obama plainly reacted by stating that it was not the right occasion for queries, and that he did not take queries in the center of any conversation.

Most up-to-date viewpoint forms expose that President Barack Obama and Republican competitive Mitt Romney are operating throat to throat before elections planned for Nov this season.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

United States Growing Operations Against Al-Qaeda in Africa

Friday, June 15, 2012 0

United States specific arms and secret companies have escalated intelligence gathering routes over great part of African area, looking for Al-Qaeda and identical categories.
A variety of United States armed and intellect companies are increasing their monitoring operations all the way through the African place, collecting details on residences of Al-Qaeda along with other known combative systems.

Besides Al-Qaeda, Joseph Kony’s opposition military and Somalian enemy systems have also been focused. At this junction, it is uncertain if any of these U.S operations have guided United States military attacks on those categories, however one must believe that to be an ultimate item of this objective.

Since 2007, the United States secret aircraft operations have been efficient in African countries, additionally appears to be increasing quickly while the United States existence in Afghanistan and Iraq chill out. A latest tale published in the Washington Post offers to some extent details about where some of the secret aircraft abodes are situated and their journey tracks over the African Countries.

In nations where an organized governmental framework prevails, the United States appears to be at home to initiate their intelligence operations. The Western Africa country of Burkina Faso is considered to be the abode of at minimum one main detective aircraft’s shed exploited by the United States.

The Foreign Minister, Djibril Bassole, of that nation described his issues about Al-Qaeda and identical categories getting hold in the place. “We call for to battle and secure our boundaries. After their integration in your nation, it becomes quite challenging to get rid of them."

At this junction, there has been no discuss of the United States drones traveling identical tasks in the place, but they would appear to be a match for such kinds of tasks. With enough intellect from the present navy of secret air carriers, maybe upcoming drone tasks will be more efficient at focusing on activists without as much security harm to simple citizens.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Are they Cannibals?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 0

Korowai clan that resides on trees and has been taking up the centuries aged way of life

In south east of Papua, there is Korowai clan, which was unidentified before 1970. This region is the south east portion of the western New Guinea and it is suspected that their residents still engulf human meat.

The Korowai citizens are 3000 in figure. Even they did not discern before 1970 that there are other humans exist in this world too. They used to suppose that they were the only humans dwelling in this world.


The Korowai speech belongs to Awyu-Dumut folks which is the tongue of South East Papua. An English linguistic specialist has now geared up its grammar and dictionary.


The greater part of Korowai people resides on houses geared up on the trees. There residential area is entirely detached from the rest of the village. They do not wish to go any where else from their inhabited area. But, when they get connected with the cultured world and particularly the European people established many villages for the residence where they supplied all the probable amenities, even then they did not shift from their place. But from 1980s few Korawai people began shifting to these new villages in Yaniruma. But there number was very low. These villages are been established at the coasts “Mu” and “Mbasman” of River Becking that is not very distant from their own locale.

In 1987 a village was set up at Manggel, in 1988 second village was set up at Yafufla, in 1989 a village named Mabul was set up at the coasts of River Eilanden and in 1998 one more village was set up at Khaiflambolup. In a nutshell these villages were organized for Korowai people but in reply they did not demonstrate the eagerness that was anticipated. This is due to this uninterested stance that many villages are still exposed vacant.

The fundamental cause for that may be that these settlements are located far-flung from the wherewithals of food (Sago). In the local speech the word “Sago” is used for foodstuff.


The Korowai people are fundamentally hunters and fulfill their hunger by hunting. They also do gardening and now slowly diverting towards yielding harvest. The Korowai people are aware of the significance of protein from the start and for that reason they hunt animals and are very skilled in catch fish. They accomplish their necessities of proteins from the aforementioned food.

What trade Korowai people do? And what they vend or purchase? The knowledge about this is very small and not adequate. There are particular methods in Korowai family to perform the daily errands of life for example “Sago” means the liability of getting ready food is of mature young people. They not only gather food but also get ready it. Similarly whatever religious rituals they rejoice as per their faiths, young people also take part in these ceremonials. There is no function of women in these kinds of observances.

Some Korowai people began works that supplied them slight money. But these earnings were purported. Such local residents began work with vacationer companies. They led the tourists and served them in every manner. It means they can get both monetary and money-oriented reimbursements from their touring business. These prospects are on very restricted level for at the present. Local guides create the travelers trips these villages and horde them fairly sound. They also systematize local “Sago” requests for tourists, take their goods from one place to a different and concurrently demonstrate them conventional and antique displays, which they carry out themselves.

In the past of Korowai tribe, once for restricted time (from around 1996 to 1999) chaos overcame there. The crucial cause was that the very valuable wood (Agarwood) of this village that is also called (gaharu) in the local tongue was happening moving outside unlawfully. In fact the thing was that some foreigners or smugglers, who were conscious of the worth of this wood, began cutting the precious wood of this forest. Innocent Korowai people could not do anything in opposition to them and mutely observed their expensive natural reserve prowling by plunderers.

The worth of this wood can be conjectured by the truth that any purchaser used to disburse around 4 dollars for one kilogram of gaharu wood. Similarly these precious “gaharu” woods arrived at the bazaars of Europe and Middle East, where one thousand dollars per kilogram of this priceless wood were also hunted. The smuggling of this wood was also carried out by means of Southern coast “Agats” and also from “Jayapura” at the Northern coast.  Assistance from missionary planes was also sought after for this reason that used to disembark and leave from ”Yaniruma” and “Boma”. The control of “Gaharu” trading was under the army and army was administrating this business.

The precious wood of Papua forests was driven outside. Along with this thrashing, there was greater trouncing that the business of "body selling" augmented to bigger extents that played a significant part in extending AIDS in the entire Papua.


Here also like other cultured realms of the world, parental system is set up, in which father is the head of the house and he manages the whole communal, economical and political affairs.  The polygamy custom is also conventional in this tribe but generally they do not wed with the blood relatives. Nowadays they began to have a preference wedding with cousins from mother side.


Here the headship constitution is founded on primeval times i.e. any influential person becomes the head of the tribe with respect to his individual character and abilities. There is no position of any organization in this headship. The combating among tribes begins particularly due to quarrels associated to shedding magical spells.


The conviction of Korowai tribe is that this entire cosmos is filled with all kind of spirits, in which a number of spirits are more exceptional and in agreement to each other as measure up to other spirits. Particularly reverence is paid to the spirits of forefathers. According to Korowai tribe’s faith, the “Ginol Silamtena” is the spirit of the maker of this cosmos. But Korowai people neither furnish any significance to it in their every day lives nor do they agree to that there is any function of it in their every day lives. It is necessary for each and every person of Korowai tribe to organize an exceptional dinner once in his life period. According to their belief, affluence and development takes place due to this dinner party.

With the intention of to avoid the hard time these people altar the favorite pig for their forefather’s spirits.

Korowai people are custodians of strange and precious traditions, which comprises of their ghostly tales, folk tales, magical maxims and enchantments and antique traditions of natural feats.

In regard to death and life after death, Korowai people suppose that in return of the acts of a person, he has to approach again in this world. The people, who have departed from their tribes after death and now existing in the world of spirits, any one of those spirits can send his relative once more in this world and that person will rebirth in the form of any new born in their tribe.


In the end of the 1970 decade, few Christian (Protestants Missionaries) began subsisting with Korowai citizens. In the decade of 1980 an Indonesian human specialist Dea Sudarman geared up many documentaries for Japanese Television.

In 1993 a film squad had organized a do research study in the “Dio Village”. The chief subject of this study was “The dwellings made on trees and man-eating”. The Korowai people were displayed pessimistically in this case reading, which showed the way to the manufacturing of the film “Lords of Garden”.

In 1996 a local Christian Society was set up that contains the members from the neighborhood clan “Kombai”. For the long time it has been considered that Korowai people are extremists in their faiths and will never deflect to any other religion and will oppose against such struggles. Thus many people adopted Christianity in the end of 1990 decade and officially pierced in this religion.

In the autumn of 2003 a small panel of Bible Translators arrived at in Yaniruma and began their work.

In May 2006 an excursion guide Paul Riffle guided the crew team of Australian T.V. Show “60 Minutes” in order to prepare a special report on this tribe and their people. After few days of filming a man arrived at the crew team and asserted that his six year nephew “Wa-Wa” had been blamed of becoming a sorcerer (Kakua). He was in immense hazard, since he could be murdered and gobbled. But the crew team of “60 Minutes” rejected to help that person. But later Paul Riffle got in touch with his rival “Seven Network”, who approved to send a “Today Tonight” crew for taking “Wa-Wa” out of this region.

But, prior to these people could get to this area, the Indonesian higher establishment deport all the officials from “Jayapura” on the concern of Visa.


One of the information about Korowai people was got that they still consume human flesh. But human specialists say that it does not occur at present, since these people are in steady synchronization with external people and it is also exposed in the newest reports that fake narratives has been extended in order to propagate tourism.

In 2006 a T.V. show “60 Minutes” declared that when somebody is blamed of becoming a sorcerer “Khakhua” in the Korowai culture and on verifying the offense he was beaten cruelly, hanged up and afterwards gobbled. In this respect many unverified declarations were also made that the brain of a person is eaten instantaneously whereas the dead body is still hot and that pregnant women and children does not take part in this eating.


Korowai houses are made on height, for which higher wood pillars are fixed on the land initially. This way has been going on since past, in order to keep the houses safe from water and flood. Secondly these houses remain away from the reach of the invaders. This step is specifically taken for the safety of children and women; otherwise the conqueror tribe either makes women and children their slave or kills and eats them.

The thick, high and strong pillars of iron wood in one way keep the houses safe from fire too, otherwise the strategy of invaders is to fire the houses made of wood, grass and straw, which compels the residents to come out of their houses due to smoke and suffocation and thus invaders arrest them. Iron wood is that hard and solid wood, which does not catch fire easily.

These people are living in the ancient past in spite of living in the present and are not ready to change themselves. But efforts are going on and it is hopeful that soon these people will change their present state by entering in the present.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Top 10 Countries That are Enrich in Producing Oil

Saturday, February 18, 2012 0

They supply 61.14% Unrefined Oil to the whole world.

The time the Middle East conditions have been deteriorating, the oil rates have also been mounting speedily and these circumstances are deadly for the whole world because high price rises that is an outcome of elevated oil prices, has made the matters most horrible in almost every area of life around the world. Conversely the increasing require of oil has also made the hitch even more complex.

A lot of countries in the world are generating crude oil, among which ten countries comes on top of the list. The last one is Nigeria that generates 2.51 millions barrel oil every day that is 2.95 % of the entire world’s production. Nigeria sells abroad 1.02 million barrel oil to America daily, while it has total oil assets of 37.2 Million barrels.

Brazil that is on number nine in oil generating countries and as per their verification, they generate 2.75 millions barrels of oil daily that is 3.2% of the entire world’s manufacturing. Brazil sells abroad 271,000 barrels oil to America daily, while it has 12.8 Billion barrels of oil assets.

UAE comes on No. 8 in oil manufacturing countries that generates 3.3 % of the entire world’s construction i.e. 2.81 million barrel daily. Nevertheless, it sells abroad only 10,000 barrels to America everyday and its assets of oil are about 97.8 billion barrels.

Mexico is also measured amid top of the list in oil manufacturing countries. It is on number seven. Its construction is 2.88 millions barrels every day and it splits 3.3% of oil in this global market. Mexico sells abroad 1.22 millions barrels to America everyday and its whole oil assets are 10.4 billion barrels.

Canada comes on No.6 in oil manufacturing countries that generates 3.7 millions barrels everyday. As per the statistics it is 4.3% of the entire world’s manufacturing, while it sells abroad 2.06 millions barrels oil to America everyday. Canada has 175.2 billion barrels of oil stores.

The making of oil in Iran is 4.2 millions barrel every day that is 4.9% of the entire world’s manufacturing. The noteworthy thing is that Iran does not sell abroad a single barrel to America. Therefore the oil stores of Iran are elevated i.e. 137.6 billion barrels.

The speedily manipulating on the world’s finances, China generates 4.26 billion barrels everyday i.e. 5.0 % of the entire world’s production. In this fashion China comes on No. 4 in oil manufacturing countries that sells abroad 8,000 barrels of oil to America everyday. The oil stores of China are 20.4 million barrels.

And the only super power America is on number 3 in oil manufacturing countries and its everyday production is 8.85 millions barrels that is 10.4% of entire world’s manufacturing, while America everyday sells abroad 8.63 barrels oil. Its oil stores are said to be 19.2 billion barrels.

Russia the conventional contestant of America is on No. 2 in oil generating countries. Its everyday manufacturing is 9.91 million barrels that is 11.6% of the world’s manufacturing. Russia sells abroad 158,000 barrels oil to America everyday, while its own oil stores are 60 billion barrels.

Saudi Arab comes on No. 1 in oil generating countries. Its everyday manufacturing is 10.3 million barrel. It is 12.1% of the entire world’s manufacturing. Saudi Arab supplies 1.08 million barrels of oil to America on daily basis, while its own oil stores are 259.9 billion barrels. The manufacturing of these 10 countries is 61.14 of the whole world’s oil manufacturing.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tight Gas: A New Type of Energy Reserve

Sunday, May 29, 2011 1

Natural gas is found is such pores of rocks which are linked to each other and reach on earth by the wells of gas present in the rocks. Some reserves of gas are present in the pores of rocks but the passages among them are so narrow that make the passing of gas to the wells almost impossible. Such reserves are called “Tight Gas” However, in the last few years the technology has find out ways that made getting this type of gas possible too.

The Petroleum reservoirs have two important characteristics on the basis of which the reserve of gas or petroleum is found in that rock. Firstly the reservoir rock should contain pores in which gas can be stored. This characteristic is called Porosity. Secondly these pores should be interlinked so that when the gas entered the well from the pours it could reach the earth easily. This characteristic is called Permeability.

The measurement of Permeability is Millidarcy and 5 to 10 millidarcy is considered a good permeability that can easily pull the gas out of the well. This is the description of known or customary reservoirs. Now we will talk on the new types of rocks in which the permeability is less to 1 millicarcy. This is a tight gas. Since gas is obstructed among the particles of sand therefore such reservoir is called “Tight Gas Sand”.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Environmental Friendly Town!

Sunday, May 8, 2011 0

Every Building Of It Produces Its Own Electricity!

The Highest Environmental Friendly Building

The manifestations of environmental destructions are so clear now that these seasonal changes have put the survival of mankind into danger. Therefore, human wants to acquire the environmental technology soon for its survival. Research is going on in this direction. The most environmental friendly building has been made in New York. This High Technology building is a Skyscraper. This is situated in Bryant Park Tower Manhattan.

American government has given it a Lead Platinum Certificate. This means that the designing and technology of this building has been certified environmental friendly as per the government of America’s tough standards. It is the second highest building of Manhattan and the first government certified environmental friendly building. It is also called The Bank of America Tower.

This building is decorated with technologies like saving the rain water for afterward usage, recycling of used water, recycling of building material for long term usage, technology of better and minimum usage of energy and such type of glass is used, which not only provides greater benefits from the sunlight but also reduces the affects of sun heat. Modern design, wonderful art of building and all the available technologies have made this building specifically environmental friendly.

 The Solar City
 A full town can only be made environmental friendly, when the residents are agreed on it. The mind of each and every person is scientific and there found uniformity in their struggles.

The residents of Germany have established an example by establishing the Sonnenschiff Solar city, in Freiberg Germany. This town is self-independent in power supply. Modern photo voltaic panels have been installed in every house of it which uses the solar energy. The solar cells installed at the roof of every house benefits in a way that the town now creates four times more electricity than the whole town uses. There are total of 52 houses.

The numbers of buildings for other facilities are additional. Residential and commercial buildings are not only self-independent in creating their own electricity but also environmental friendly due to equipment of modern facilities. There is special arrangement of greenery and tress in the town. Every house has been equipped with the technology of using the solar energy in its totality in winter and summer seasons. There is a mechanism on roofs to recycle the standing rain water to plants and toilets.

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